‘Enhancing the groundwater management capacity in Asian cities through the development and application of groundwater sustainability index in the context of global change’  is a project supported by Asia-Pacific Network for GroudwaterGlobal Change Research (APN). The project aims to enhance understandings of policy makers and relevant stakeholders (e.g. users) in selected Asian cities and develop their capacity to assess their situation of groundwater resources and management through customization and application of “groundwater sustainability index (GSI)”. Through e-conferences and regional workshops, communications among policy makers, scientist, and local stakeholders (water users) will be enhanced and the assessment results (from index) will be a baseline for future studies. The project has following objectives:

  • to apply and customize groundwater sustainability index to assess the extent of use and development of groundwater resources in selected Asian cities.
  • to develop the understandings and capacity to assess groundwater sustainability of groundwater managers and relevant stakeholders including water users by involving them from the beginning of index customization and application to their respective cities.
--GroundWater Sustainability in Asian Cities--