Bharatpur, Nepal

Bharatpur city is located in Chitwan district in the central development region of Nepal. The total area coverage of Bhartapur is 75km2 and has total population of 107,157. It lies on the banks of Narayani River and serves as a commercial center of Chitwan district and central region of Nepal. It has an extreme type of climate with very cold chilling winter and extreme hot summer.

Bharatpur entirely depends on groundwater for drinking purpose. Water Supply Corporation supplies water from 5 deep boring plants. However, only 40% of the population has been served with the water supply service. The rest of the population extracts water from well and hand pumps. For irrigation purpose rainwater and deep boring is in practice. The Narayani Lift irrigation system also contributes for irrigation to some extent.

With the growing population and urbanization there has been a severe increase in the amount of solid waste generation in Bharatpur city. As a result of which both surface water and groundwater is getting polluted. This has caused a serious problem in and around Pungi river as the wastes gets directly mixed up with an open drainage line.

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